The management and production deal puts two young Jamaican producers on the map

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It is not exactly a secret. The music industry is incredibly competitive. Therefore, when someone breaks into the industry, it is always a cause for celebration. When these professionals break into the industry from a disadvantaged background, this is an even bigger reason to celebrate. That is what happened recently for Black Spyda and Troyton Music, who recently signed a deal with Alive Enterprise for two years. This music production and management deal will provide Black Spyda and Troyton Music with the resources they need to build a successful music career moving forward.

Black Spyda and Troyton Music Are Music Producers from Jamaica

Anyone who knows Black Spyda and Troyton Music understands that they have been on a long journey. Originally from Jamaica, they did not grow up with a lot of resources. They had to fight and claw for everything they had. Both individuals became interested in music at a relatively young age. They knew that if they were going to pursue their dreams, they would have to go somewhere else and more resources. Therefore, they decided to move from Jamaica to the United States, eventually becoming a record label based in New York City.

Black Spyda and Troyton Music Have Worked With Tremendous Artists at a Young Age

Even though Black Spyda and Troyton Music are still relatively new to the music industry, they have already put themselves on the map by collaborating with some of its biggest names. For example, Troyton has already worked with Charly Black and Ne Yo. Black Spyda has already worked with Mavado, Alkaline, and Skilliberg Alien. Furthermore, both Black Spyda and Troyton Music have future projects planned with Stone Bwoy, Steffon Don, Jah Vinci, and Dutchavelli. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for these young music producers.

The Deal with Alive Enterprise Opens Up New Doors with Black Spyda and Troyton Music

When people think about the music industry, they usually only think about the names they hear on the radio daily. On the other hand, there are plenty of other music producers, managers, and artists struggling to receive that level of attention. That is what has happened for Black Spyda and Troyton Music. Now, they know that this deal with Alive Enterprise will open up new doors for them. In the past, Black Spyda and Troyton Music would have to make connections all on their own. Now, they have the backing of Alive Enterprise, which will provide them with access to all of the resources they need to take their music to new heights. As a result, new doors will open for them, leading to further collaboration opportunities to grow their brand in the future.

The Future Is Bright for Black Spyda and Troyton Music

For years, Black Spyda and Troyton Music have been working hard to make it to the top. Even though they are not quite there yet, this deal with Alive Enterprise does move them one step closer. Even though they are already grateful for everything they have, they are not done yet. They understand that they need to maximize the resources that have been put in front of them with this deal they have received from Alive Enterprise. The future is bright for Black Spyda and Troyton Music.