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In this article, we will take a deep dive into what it is like to be a female entrepreneur.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a mom, wife, and entrepreneur? I’ve got good news for you! Your search for an answer to that question has finally come to an end. A couple of days ago, I got the chance to interview Stephanie Caballero- Martin.

Stephanie is the co-founder of Tranquil Store, a firm set to transform the entirety of the Cannabidiol industry. In this article, we will take a deep dive into what it is like to be a female entrepreneur.

Can you tell us a little about your brand and what it represents?

Tranquil Store is not your ordinary CBD company. We are a Premium CBD Company wanting to provide individuals who suffer from anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia, with a better alternative to deal with their health issues. We never want to limit ourselves or our brand, so we are constantly looking for ways to engage and connect with as many people as possible.

Our products will cater to athletes and individuals suffering from common health issues. We are also looking to include animals as well. We are building our brand to become a household name and will make sure our clients feel that we are here to help in every way possible.

Where did you gain the inspiration to create such a game-changing firm?

The inspiration came from dealing with severe menstrual cramps and not finding any relief from using over the counter pain medications. I’ve heard countless stories from women dealing with the same symptoms. I was tired and needed to find a solution even with being prescribed numerous pain management pills to no avail, especially with a soon to be a toddler to chase.

After doing research and finding that CBD offered the help, I so desperately needed and gives me the freedom without the drowsy side effects. I am happy to know that this will help so many women who are dealing with the same issues and feel stuck.

What problems do you aim to solve?

We are aiming to bridge the gap between people who think CBD is a “drug,” that’s bad for you by providing tools that will educate them on the many benefits CBD offers and how it can be life-changing. Our joy also comes from hearing and reading stories about CBD helping arthritis, cancer patients, and people dealing with multiple sclerosis.

Can you tell us the biggest obstacle you’ve faced so far and how you overcame it?

The biggest obstacle I’ve faced has been time management. Even before having our son, my husband and I have had a full schedule from working our regular jobs during the day or overnight, trying to get our many business ventures off the ground, and taking the time to spend together.

Now with having a child, there aren’t enough hours in a day, but we make it work. In the evenings we make dinner together; me cooking him tasting, we bathe our son and put him to bed together. It was all about finding some sort of balance no matter if we had a deadline to meet or not, family always comes first.

What’s your best advice for every female entrepreneur out there?

Being a female entrepreneur has its challenges and rewards. Much like being a mom, this, too, is my baby. From sleepless nights and early mornings, watching both grow is the biggest blessing I could ask for. With being a mom, my child comes first, so it’s tough finding a way to balance the time between the two. It takes a lot of Arthur and toys to get some work done these days.