Serial Entrepreneur Alec De Layno Martin Reveals The Simple Values Behind His Success

Serial Entrepreneur Alec De Layno Martin Reveals The Simple Values Behind His Success

Serial Entrepreneur Alec De Layno Martin Reveals The Simple Values Behind His Success

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When it comes to achieving success, many people have very vague ideas on what habits and values can prove helpful. Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) is one entrepreneur you should listen to if you are stuck in a rut and tired of spinning your wheels aimlessly. De Layno got into entrepreneurship when he was 18, and to date, he has successfully founded, managed, and run several businesses. In June 2020, he launched Tranquil Store, a US-based CBD store aiming to help a wide variety of people take advantage of CBD benefits.

According to De Layno, you must be ready to face many challenges on your road to success. Maintaining resilience and never backing down on your dreams is essential in any entrepreneur destined to succeed.

Starting as an entrepreneur can be hard, especially when you have no support or excess resources. De Layno himself asserts that he had to pull himself up through the ranks, and this is what you should strive to accomplish.

Another unique quality that a would-be successful entrepreneur should have is a deep belief in yourself and your abilities. It would help if you were confident in what you do for society and the potential impact you’d bring forth. Failure is inevitable along the way. However, what will keep you going in the rough times is your sincere desire to grow, and the burning need to provide quality solutions to people’s most painful problems.

Whenever you fail, you need to recognize it as a stepping stone and not the end of the road. Some of the world’s greatest inventions would not exist if the brains behind them gave up after the first or even twentieth failure.

Your measure of success should never be how many hours you put into your work, or how many products you can deliver. Instead, your focus should be on the solutions you provide and who you can help.

“I measure success once I make consumers happy,” De Layno says.” Once consumers are giving me positive feedback, and I see that I’m climbing up the ladder. I measure the outcomes and not the proxies.”

Finally, never forget empathy. De Layno firmly believes that it is essential to give back at every point in one’s journey. Whether you are an entrepreneur or work a 9–5, you have to connect with your community and give out of your time and resources to help others live better lives.

De Layno regularly donates to several philanthropic causes. During this pandemic, he has been at the forefront of giving and aiding relief efforts for struggling families. Part of his income also goes to the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help with the treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from different forms of cancer.

These are the principal values that drive De Layno’s work and success, a commitment to excellence, and supporting his environment and community in all the ways he can.

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