Producing Elite Beats And Making Waves! The Story Of Blackspyda

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The world of music is sometimes an unforgiving place. Unlike other industries, there’s no chance for a second try at life. That’s why most individuals who enter the industry often end up broken and empty. However, there are still some who manage to break through the ranks and make a name for themselves in this industry. 

Frederick Nicholas Wright, also known as “Blackspyda Records” is one of such individuals. Blackspyda is a talented producer from Spanish Town, Jamaica who has recently signed to Alive Enterprise a label based in New York. In this article, we get to know who this prolific individual is and his experiences so far in the music industry.

Starting out

Frederick was born in Spanish Town, a town known for its historic edifices. He grew up loving music due to the fact that his father had a Cassete sound system. Blackspyda, as he is commonly called, graduated from Saint Jago High School and was apart of the Jamaican National Cricket trials. Later on, in 2007, he picked up audio engineering and moved into music production.

Of course, Blackspyda didn’t have it easy. He spent a lot of his time improving upon his craft just to ensure that he was prepared for any opportunity that came his way. During an interview with Blackspyda, he shared that had a hard time being recognized for the work he’s done in the industry. However, the case is different today.

Achieving Success

So far, Blackspyda has worked with a lot of top-class artists such as Kymani Marley, Sizzla, NeYo, Stefflon Don, Bounty Killer,  Beenie Man, Dutchavelli, and Skillibeng to name a few. He’s also won rookie producer of the year as well as EP of the year with Aidonia. He shares that one of his most significant accomplishments is getting signed to Alive Enterprise. 

“It’s been a long time coming. I feel great and I’m ready to showcase my talents and give nothing but #1 hits.” – Blackspyda.

Advice For Individuals Striving For Success In The Music Industry

As stated earlier, the music industry is an unforgiving place and without proper guidance from someone who has experienced it all, you won’t get far.

When he was fresh into his music career, Blackspyda stuck by a single piece of advice he received from one of the greats, and that was; “Stick to your goals even if at times it might seem it’s falling apart. You just have to keep trying!”

Blackspyda plans on making an impact on Alive Enterprise by doing what he does best; Making quality music, winning more awards, and dominating the industry! 

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