Managing Stress And Anxiety As A Business Owner; Life Tips From Tranquil Store Founder Alec De Layno Martin

Managing Stress And Anxiety As A Business Owner; Life Tips From Tranquil Store Founder Alec De Layno Martin

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Managing Stress And Anxiety As A Business Owner

Entrepreneurship can be a pleasurable ride when it is done right. At the forefront, there is freedom, a 6,7 and even 8 figure income, and overall self-actualization. However, there is a thin line between wild success and shocking burn-out. Very few business leaders have learned to tow this line correctly, and one of them is Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive). De Layno is a serial entrepreneur with assets in fashion, entertainment, real estate, and finance. He recently founded Tranquil Store, a US-based CBD company stocking a wide variety of premium quality products, from CBD Gummies to CBD tinctures.

In this article, De Layno outlines his unique approach to stress management and controlling anxiety while juggling several roles.

Take time off

The first point to managing your stress and anxiety is knowing when to unplug and take some time off from your work. As a talented young entrepreneur, you have many brilliant ideas that you can not wait to implement. However, you have to put your well-being first and take a step back when you have to. 

“I believe the focus should be on yourself first, others later. Taking care of yourself allows you to keep a level playing field, which helps to overcome any obstacle and grab success.” De Layno says. 

An excellent way to keep your mind occupied when you need to get away from work is to do something you particularly enjoy. This could be as simple as listening to some beautiful music or even hanging out with friends.

Maintain your True North

When the pressure of work threatens to overwhelm you, remember why you started. De Layno has personally struggled with this as well.

“The biggest threat to my business is myself. If I ever decide to give up and surrender to all the stress that comes with running a startup, that would be the end of everything.”

De Layno’s recommendation to deal with this is to identify a permanent part of your life to keep you grounded and on track. For him, that compass is his wife, Stephanie.

“She keeps me grounded, focused, and motivated. She has that uncanny ability to identify winning strategies, and she is constantly inspiring me to challenge my thoughts.”

Do your best work

To keep anxiety under check, dedicate the maximum level of your efforts into serving the people that you have created your solutions for. De Layno defines this in simple terms.

“We value our customer feedback highly. We aim to create the best experience over and over again. You could come in contact with us multiple times throughout the day, and that experience you receive would be as if it was your 1st encounter.”

Knowing that you are putting your best foot forward and doing everything within your capability is enough to ease your mind. De Layno defines this as “a commitment to excellence,” It is a top strategy for managing anxiety and work-induced stress.

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