Long-Term Visions Bring Long-Term Success

Long Term Visions Bring Long Term Success

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Long Term Visions Bring Long Term Success

Self-made entrepreneur Alec Martin aka Astyle Alive never just aimed for the quick success. His background and attitude shaped a man, who builds on quality and a vision of the bigger picture.

When he came to New York as a child, he was already credited with the same enthusiastic attitude that he and his surrounding thrive of nowadays. A great communicator, with a passion to build things that succeed – and last. His confident and uplifting spirit and appearance gained him the nickname Astyle Alive, which soon turned into his trademark.  

Today, Martin is the founder of multiple successful ventures, including One Umbrella Enterprise Inc., a commercial and residential real estate agency with listings all over the States. The company enjoys a high profile clientele and an equally high reputation. Besides the development and acquisition of a wide range of properties, the successful venture also branches into credit consulting and repair. 

His most recent launch was that of his CBD brand Tranquil, a range of high-end products with a scientific and educating approach. The oil-infused goods are endorsed by several athletes and fitness related professionals and Martin is looking to expand his brand globally after meeting investors in the UK in January 2021.

Building a legacy

The young entrepreneur has declared his avenues to be stepping stones for his family and legacy. Alec Martin has always been incredibly passionate about helping others realizing their dreams and ideas, and has never been shy to offer his help. An overall faithful gratefulness that translates into a positive outlook no matter what the situation and circumstances are, and ultimately into success. The biggest challenge for a self made successor of his caliber is probably finding balance in-between the professional & personal responsibilities. But his shining reputation speaks louder than any doubts. 

Astyle Alive has his recipe together and we can be fairly confident, that there will be plenty more success stories to be told about the entrepreneur, family man, and his surrounding.

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