Learn How To Run And Grow Multiple Businesses From Tranquil Store Founder, Alec De Layno Martin

Learn How To Run And Grow Multiple Businesses From Tranquil Store Founder, Alec De Layno Martin

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Learn How To Run And Grow Multiple Businesses From Tranquil Store Founder, Alec De Layno Martin

In this new age, many people wish and desire to become their boss. Of this mass figure, only a handful go on to start a business and eventually succeed. Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) has begun not one but multiple companies across a range of diverse industries. 

De Layno got his first taste of entrepreneurship as an 18-year old fresh out of high school. He founded a media and marketing company that focused on running promotions for club venues. With his design skills, he quickly branched out into design and started a fashionable leisurewear range. Since then, he has gotten involved in music production, real estate, construction, and finance. In June 2020, he conceived Tranquil Store, a CBD (Cannabidiol) company with a range of premium and quality products for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Diversify your services

When you become an aspiring entrepreneur, you will most likely start with one business idea, just like De Layno did with his marketing venture. As you begin to explore this idea and gain more traction, you will uncover other aspects of your talents that you did not previously recognize. De Layno had a similar experience. 

“I used to design t-shirts and hoodies, and I also got into mixing music. The clothing line opened up a lot of doors for me. I had a bunch of celebrities wearing my stuff.”

This was De Layno’s first foot in the door, and he quickly backed it up by launching his first business, One Umbrella Enterprise, in 2017. With this venture, he focused on real estate construction and repair. Then he recognized that credit repair was an integral part of real estate, and that led to the birth of his second business in early 2018.

In the same way, you will gain opportunities to diversify and create multiple income streams once you take the first step.

Deep dive into your solutions

A unique key that contributed wholly to De Layno’s quick success was his commitment to excellence and the quality of solutions he offered his clients. 

“If a client needs a credit boost to qualify for a car or home mortgage, we help them with that,” the 29-year-old entrepreneur says of his second company, Credit is A Must. In just two years of operation, the company has been able to remove more than $1M in debt for its clients. 

For his latest launch, Tranquil Store, De Layno has even bigger plans. 

“My team works around the clock to come up with new products to release to the world and put dedicated time and effort into coming up with solutions for anyone in need. I measure success once I make consumers happy. Once consumers are giving me positive feedback, I see that I’m climbing up the ladder.”

Focusing on the solutions you provide instead of the shiny metrics will attract quality customers and clients to your business.

Some final advice

“Come up with a plan. You should have a plan A, B.C, and even D. Don’t rush into getting off the ground but don’t delay either. Try to execute your goals as much as possible. Do not be afraid to reach out for a helping hand. A closed mouth does not get fed, and you never know, the person you ask for assistance may do more than just that.”

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