Learn How Couple Stephanie (Munchkkiin) And Alec Martin (Astyle Alive) Have Overcome the Boundaries Entrepreneurship Places On Marriage

Learn How Couple Stephanie (Munchkkiin) And Alec Martin (Astyle Alive) Have Overcome the Boundaries Entrepreneurship Places On Marriage

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Learn How Couple Stephanie (Munchkkiin) And Alec Martin (Astyle Alive) Have Overcome the Boundaries Entrepreneurship Places on Marriage

Alec Martin, Also known as Astyle Alive, is an innovative entrepreneur who has helped dozens of individuals around the world achieve a stress-free life through his CBD company Tranquil Store

Being such a dynamic entrepreneur comes at a cost. You don’t get to live a normal life and, this can greatly affect your loved ones. In this article, we get to hear from Alec’s Wife on how she’s coped with her husband being an entrepreneur. We will also learn from Alec himself how to achieve success as a young entrepreneur.

Coping With A Busy Schedule

Stephanie confessed that she was nervous when her husband’s dreams started manifesting. They were newlyweds with a newborn and she knew that as his business took off, it spelled him being away from home.

Regardless of all of this, they built a working relationship where communication and mutual understanding exists. They accomplish this by having weekly meetings where calendars are shared for the month to capture important events and prevent the overlapping of meetings, events, etc.

They also have a schedule for their baby – who has the night shift and things like that. The couple has also shared responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep of the household. Her husband, Alec, is quite ambitious and this reality was not new news to her. From the moment they met, she always knew he would be successful; success did not come as a surprise to her. Stephanie and Alec play for one team. They go through everything together ensuring that all things possible are done to make their dreams come true. 

Greatest Source Of Motivation And Support

Alec shares that his greatest source of help and inspiration comes from his wife. His wife Stephanie has been there every step of the way; the ups and the downs. Stephanie keeps him grounded, focused, and motivated. She is versatile and she takes on multiple roles. She’s a full-time mom, business partner, and wife.  

Stephanie is also there to challenge Alec’s thoughts on topics or plans that she thinks are not worth it. With this, they’ve been able to avert numerous disasters several times. 

Another inspiration is her ability to identify winning. “When one knows what winning looks like, what you have to do is zig and zag to get there.”- Alec shares. 

He goes on with this- “To actualize the maximum potential and minimize wasted effort, they identify exactly what they’re going after and make sure their people do too.”

Advice for people going through one form of struggle or the other at this time.  

In light of this topic, Alec advises people who fall in this bracket to remain focused and keep it moving. He suggests that they follow the saying “Fall 7 times, get up 8.” 

He thinks of different ways to make a statement. The word “struggle” should be removed from your vocabulary. What doesn’t kill you, strengthens you more and he is a strong believer in shooting for the stars. 

He personally has his family to take care of. he is determined to make sure they don’t lack anything. His job every morning is to thank God and make what he has in hand, with for him and produce even greater success.

Achieving Success

Alec attributes his success to his confidence, patience, sense of humor, competitiveness, gratitude, and many more. When he inculcated the confidence quality, everything naturally became easier, more effortless and with this, he has the tendency to take action with deeper conviction and passion. 

Patience has made Alec make better decisions and identify opportunities alongside undertaking tasks and activities in calmer states. Having a sense of humor doesn’t imply he spends all of his day jesting. 

What it does mean is that he sees things from a light-hearted perspective. This naturally puts his mind at ease and creates the allowance for him to think with greater clarity of thought. 

His competitive spirit pushes him to his limits and compels him to think intelligently about his circumstances and gets him to step out of his comfort zone in order to do whatever is necessary to win at the game of life. 

Gratitude helps him be appreciative of the little things in life. It helps him appreciate what he has and that puts him in a positive frame of mind and leaves him feeling good. Every morning, he gets up and praises God for the ability he’s been given to do what he loves. 

The X-factor His Business Possesses

The factors that make Alec’s business unique are transparency, values, messages, and the fact that they are for the people. His brand does it’s best to cater to those it serves. 

They value customer feedback immensely and they aim to create the best experience over and over again. Customers could come in contact with them multiple times and the separate service experiences would be as good as the first.

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