How Alec De Layno Martin is changing the game with his new CBD company, Tranquil Store

How Alec De Layno Martin is changing the game with his new CBD company, Tranquil Store

How Alec De Layno Martin is changing the game with his new CBD company, Tranquil Store

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Traditionally, CBD is regarded as a clique-like industry, where only a specific group of people can find useful products for their use.

This was the status quo, until Alec De Layno Martin launched Tranquil Store, a US-based company stocking premium quality CBD products for everybody. The store is already garnering popularity for its unique product line and clear  message.

How Tranquil Store was born

De Layno has always been an entrepreneur. From the age of 18, he has been involved in several enterprises across a range of industries including fashion, media, finance, entertainment, and real estate. 

Due to his busy lifestyle, De Layno began to regularly suffer from anxiety and was unable to relax and sleep. He sought several solutions to his problem and was prescribed different brands and types of medications and sleep aids. Yet, nothing worked and De Layno only had terrible side effects to show for his efforts. During his search for a stable and effective remedy, he stumbled on CBD.

“I decided to try it, and it worked with no terrible side effects. After doing my research & having several conversations, I realized many people struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression daily,” De Layno says. 

The solution had worked for De Layno, yet he found himself empathizing with other people going through the same problems that he had conquered. Hence, Tranquil Store was born.

“We founded Tranquil Store to help ourselves, friends, and now the world. Our products are available around the globe for everyone like us.”

A Brand with a Difference

De Layno went on a deep dive into the CBD industry, evaluating strategies and products coming from his competitors. He came to realize that there was little variety in the industry, and the products available were very limited in their uses. He identified this gap as a business opportunity and developed a wide range of products for his soon-to-launch brand.

“We have everything from Lollipops  to healthy Granola bars. We ensure that we cater to a community of diverse consumers. We also offer premium quality Flower, several different Tincture flavors, soft gels, and  Lollipops. I’ll be changing the market soon with a new product that I can’t speak on too much.”

Tranquil Store is founded on simple and unique value; the customer.

“We value our customers’ feedback highly. We aim to create the best experience over and over again. You could come in contact with us multiple times throughout the day, and that experience you receive would be as if it was your first encounter.”

Tranquil Store is growing at a very progressive rate. The store has been pre-launched ahead of its product line reveal, and customers are streaming in the orders with excitement. Delayno credits his success to the combined efforts of the team behind Tranquil Store.

“My team works around the clock to come up with new products to release to the world as well as put dedicated time and effort into coming up with solutions for anyone in need. We have a desire to grow into the No. 1 CBD company globally. We want to make sure that the first customer to make a purchase will have the experience of a lifetime.

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