Discover Alec De Layno Martin and his revolutionary CBD company, Tranquil Store

Discover Alec De Layno Martin and his revolutionary CBD company, Tranquil Store

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Discover Alec De Layno Martin and his revolutionary CBD company, Tranquil Store

If you ever wondered why many CBD products seem to exclude a particular category of people, your wait is finally over. In June 2020, Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) launched his revolutionary CBD store, already gaining popularity for its wide range of premium quality CBD products. This carefully curated list has something for everybody.

Being a busy entrepreneur running multiple successful ventures, De Layno has always found it difficult to completely shut off and relax. After being prescribed different medications and aids to help him sleep better, none were useful.

“I decided to try CBD, and it worked with no terrible side effects. After doing my research & having several conversations, I realized many people struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression daily,” De Layno says.

Having benefited from this solution personally, De Layno decided to launch Tranquil Store “to help ourselves, friends, and now the world. Our products are available around the globe for everyone like us.”

From his survey of the CBD industry, De Layno came to an alarming realization that many existing companies did not have variety in their product range, an opportunity he readily took advantage of.

“We have everything from Gummies to products your pets would love; We ensure that we cater to a community of diverse consumers.”

De Layno’s CBD store offers premium quality products, several different tincture flavors, pet treats, and Lollipops. He also hinted at an undisclosed product that will completely change the status quo.

Tranquil Store launched its call for pre-orders in June, and orders started to pour in from different corners of the world almost immediately.

“Pre-registration has been very exciting. We have gotten a lot of customers placing pre-orders. It puts a smile on my face to know how consumers are eagerly awaiting the launch of Tranquil Store.”

There is evident excitement among customers to try this new and unique brand, and De Layno tells us why.

“What is unique about us is the transparency in the message we spread. We are for the people, so we do our best to cater to the people,” he says.

Indeed, De Layno has always kept his customers at the core of his ventures, and this new launch is no exception.

“We value our customers’ feedback highly,” De Layno explains further. “We aim to create the best experience over and over again. You could come in contact with us multiple times throughout the day, and that experience you receive would be as if it was your 1st encounter.”

Tranquil Store is growing very fast, thanks to the dedication and passionate work of the team behind it.

“My team works around the clock to come up with new products to release to the world as well as put dedicated time and effort into coming up with solutions for anyone in need. I am hoping that the 1st customer to make a purchase will have the experience of a lifetime.”

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