An Exclusive Interview With Founder Of Tranquil Store, Alec Martin

An Exclusive Interview With Founder Of Tranquil Store, Alec Martin

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Alec Martin is an entrepreneur and the founder of tranquil Store;  a premium quality CBD company based out of New York that operates in the Health and Wellness sector.  

A couple of weeks ago an interview was held with Alec and during the course of this interview, Alec shared a number of the challenges that he encountered along the way and he also shared the steps he took in dealing with them. He left behind tips that would prove helpful for anyone embarking on a journey to success.

What Problem Does Tranquil Store Aim To Solve?

The Tranquil store brand came into existence when my partners and I thought of a community of people helping each other out. We started from ourselves and slowly the movement spread across to friends and family. 

Now the goal is to help anyone in the world who struggles with depression, anxiety, stress, and pain.  We aim to help in decreasing the effects that customers have daily as a result of conditions such as stress and anxiety through the use of CBD.  

What Special Skills Or Attributes Have Helped You So Far In Your Journey To Success?

Being a man of multiple talents and strengths has helped me greatly. I am an entrepreneur, credit specialist, businessman, investor, philanthropist, designer, and record producer. I am also the founder of One Umbrella Enterprise INC, a real estate development and construction company, CreditIs A Must, a credit repair company, and now I’ve invested in a new venture in the Health & Wellness field called Tranquil, a CBD (Cannabidiol) company.

Have you ever faced obstacles that have caused you to think of quitting? If yes, How did you overcome them? 

I face obstacles every day. One of the biggest obstacles I face is thinking I’m not doing enough. I am always trying to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that consumers are getting quality products. I make sure my company thoroughly checks each product for 200% for quality.

Where Did The Inspiration To Create Your Brand Come From?

Talking with others around me, we realized many people struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression daily. The number of people who have been looking for a natural remedy or product shocked me. Some needed help to sleep, feel less anxious, and for pain relief. CBD is a natural way to aid with all of this.

How Do You Keep Off Stress And Anxiety?

Although not conventional, interacting with consumers helps me a lot. Another thing that helps with keeping off stress is constant brainstorming on how to create products that will help with relieving consumers. 

My customer’s wellbeing is my relief.  Apart from this I also enjoy spending time with my family and lastly, I have a penchant for giving back to communities or people greatly affected by serious disasters. All of these things in aggregate provide relief for me from stress and inevitably help prevent burnouts.  


You can contact Alec Martin via any of the channels outlined below; 

Instagram: astylealive, Facebook:, Linkedin:, Twitter:


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