Alec Martin Shares Salient Tips On Becoming The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

Alec Martin Shares Salient Tips On Becoming The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

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Alec Martin Shares Salient Tips On Becoming The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Tranquil store, Alec Martin, also known as Astyle Alive, has proved to us that it’s possible to drive change in different industries as an individual.

Over the years, Alec has garnered vital knowledge about what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. Today, most new entrepreneurs don’t realize that, just like anything else, entrepreneurship requires steps. And in this article, we will shed light on these steps.

What Aspects Of Life Should You Focus On As An Entrepreneur 

Alec believes that the first aspect of entrepreneurship you should focus on is internal growth. If you don’t work on your mentality, you won’t be able to handle the difficulties that will present themselves as times go on. 

Hard Work Pays

So how do you prepare yourself mentally for entrepreneurship; well you could do this by reading books, listening to good podcasts. Basically expanding your knowledge on the topic. Apart from this, you can also work on your mentality by engaging in mindfulness activities such as meditation.

Once you’ve done all of these, you can then consider treading the journey of entrepreneurship. It might now seem like much, but these will give you a leveled playing field. It will also help you with the obstacles that come your way.

Books Recommended By Alec Martin For Young Entrepreneurs

Here are a few books recommended by Alec for anyone just starting out on their entrepreneurship journey;

Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way To A More Successful and Rewarding Life (By Daymond John and Daniel Paisner)

rise aand grind by Daymond John

In this book, Powerhouse entrepreneur Daymond John takes a close look at the routines and winning secrets of people who have risen to the challenges in their lives. 

Along the way, he also reveals how grit and perseverance both helped him conquer the barriers he has faced in life and ultimately fueled his success.

The Power Of Broke By Daymond John

This book shows you how to leverage having no money into a benefit in business by compensating it with creativity, passion, and authenticity.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup is a revolutionary book by Chris Guillebeau which reveals how to lead a life of adventure, meaning, and purpose. And earn a good living.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On By Jonah Berger

What makes things popular? Why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral? These are some of the questions answered in this awesome book written by Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger

Values And Principles Every Entrepreneur Should Possess

In light of this topic, Alec mentions a few values and principles that he thinks every aspiring entrepreneur should possess; I’ll list the values and principles below;


Alec shares that the most important thing every entrepreneur should exhibit is a commitment to whatever they do. A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way, a commitment to excellence. And a commitment to helping the less fortunate. Apart from this, you should be loyal and respectful.


A principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Here are the basic principles Alec proposes that you have:

Fairness, integrity, honesty, leadership, excellence, bold, patriotism, accountability. All of these are essential principles that will help you greatly on your entrepreneurship journey.

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