Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) continues to put his best foot forward despite almost losing his older cousin/mentor 2X

Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) continues to put his best foot forward despite almost losing his older cousin/mentor 2X

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Alec De Layno Martin

Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) continues to put his best foot forward despite almost losing his older cousin/mentor 2X Entrepreneurship takes grit, whether it is in the easiest of times or the midst of a global crisis. It
takes consistent hard work and dedication, which means that entrepreneurs are well-poised to handle the ups and downs of business that we are inevitably going to face due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Undoubtedly these are modern times, but if we continue to navigate these tumultuous waters with that same grit and determination, it took us to get our businesses off the ground we’ll weather the storms with our companies intact. No one believes this more than Alec Martin, the serial entrepreneur and founder of Tranquil Store, and multiple other businesses that are
under his belt. Born in Jamaica and raised in New York, Alec De Layno Martin lovingly hailed as ‘Astyle Alive’ is a notable personality in the business world. From early on, he’s had this born knack of bringing a spark around and making the environment look fascinating: a prime quality of a committed entrepreneur. Winners are people who believe in themselves, and so is Alec Martin. Possessing a complex of pressing ahead in life, Alec eventually took a chance and decided to explore the business world, a time when he changed his fate along.

The success gained from his first clothing brand, “Clothing by Astyle,” is what boosted Alec’s confidence and led him to peel off more blooming sheets in this field. In the year 2017, he established a real estate development company, “One Umbrella Enterprise,” that has been
successfully grabbing the attention till this date, along with a credit repair company “CreditIsAMust,” which has removed over $1million in debt for clients. Alec’s latest endeavor, “Tranquil Store”- is a premium quality CBD company. Tranquil Store is set to offer consumers quality, experience, and most of all, premium products. The objective is to give some support to
patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Someone remarkably said if one has the support of his family and beloved’s, he can move mountains. Alec is one of them from the fortunate as he believes it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his majors. Mother-Hope Martin, Father-Casserly Martin, elder Brother-Sheldon Martin, Cousin Khalil Davis, and Wife-Stephanie have made Alec believe in
himself and God throughout this journey. When asked about what makes him motivated, he stated: ” My 9month old son and my wife are the driving forces behind it, to provide them an incredible, fruitful life is the biggest motivation I can have now”. 

Life is never always sleek on smooth surfaces. In March of this year (2020), one incident just left Alec and his family members numb. His cousin Khalil Davis was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, which caused Khalil to undergo 8 brain surgeries with 3 strokes and 2 seizures. It has been the toughest for Khalil and family members. Alec utilizes this trying time to push through and continue striving for success in honor of his cousin. Khalil is a significant support system for him through thick and thin and from personal to professional.

Alec is a person who is not only flourishing in the business world but, even holds a charisma of being resilient and united with family in rough times. Some days are harder than others, but Alec states, “You have to show up every day if you want to succeed in any business.” No man is an island, and we all need to be a part of a community to thrive. Alec believes that for
an entrepreneur to succeed, loyalty towards his work and clients is what benefits him alongside and through this thought, he has been no way behind inspiring the lead.

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