How Astyle Alive (Alec Martin) Is Changing The Business World And Inspiring The New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

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Alec Martin, also known as Astyle Alive is the founder of Tranquil Store, a premium quality CBD e-commerce company based out of New York focusing on helping people deal with reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Alec Martin is also the founder of a real estate development and construction company known as One Umbrella Enterprise INC. He is also a credit specialist, a businessman, an investor, a philanthropist, a designer, and a record producer. 

Alec Martin is the definition of a multi-talented entrepreneur who puts all he has into achieving his goal. 

Changing The Business World: 

Alec Martin founded the Tranquil store because he realized that a lot of people struggled with stress, anxiety, and depression. He also realized that the various prescription medications came with undesired side effects. 

To help solve this problem, he began doing his research and he was able to find a solution to the problem. 

Alec Martin is changing the business world with his unique ability to locate problems that need solving and finding an applicable solution to it. Entrepreneurs exist to solve problems and that’s what Alec does. 

With his rare leadership abilities, he was able to build a team that has the desire to become the best. His team works around the clock to come up with new products to release to the world as well as put dedicated time and effort into coming up with solutions for anyone in need. 

He measures his success by checking if he was able to make his customer happy. As long as he’s getting positive feedback from his customers then that’s all he needs. 

Inspiring The New Generation of Entrepreneurs

The new generation of entrepreneurs needs someone to look up to and Alec is doing just that. He is a man of principles and he believes firmly in fairness, honesty, integrity, leadership, excellence, patriotism, and accountability. 

The new generation of entrepreneurs needs someone with these principles to look up to. They need to understand that having core principles will help them achieve their goals and dreams. And Alec does his best to reflect these core principles in everything he does. 

Apart from these, Alec also believes in having a focus, especially “ a focus on oneself”. It is an important attribute that anyone looking to survive in the entrepreneur universe must possess. 

Advice from Alec to the new entrepreneurs:

“Your dreams are valid. Work hard, be accountable, and stay committed to your dreams. And above all else, believe in yourself. Do this and you’ll succeed.”